Choosing Your Domain Name

​Starting with a perfect domain name that is catchy and memorable is first important step to build your online presence.

Follow these steps to come up with an innovative and traffic generator domain name!

​Step 1 - Brainstorm

​Before you begin trying to come up with great domain names, think about the type of business you have, and a set of phrases or words that adequately describe what you're looking for in a domain name.

Once you have that together, you can start playing around with them to come up with good ideas.

For instance, if you are building a site around women's shoes, you might come up with words like “high heels, trendy shoes, high fashion, elegant, designer” etc. 

Then, once you have these words you can play around with adding something before or after them to come up with a good domain name.

For instance, you might try something like: OR

​You get the idea. These are just examples.

Try to come up with something that adequately describes your business and incorporate it into your domain name.

Before you commit to your snazzy name, make sure you do one final thing. 

Run it through some SEO software to generate keywords your site can rank for.

I like longtailpro. 

They give you so much information, which in turn allows you to see how easy or hard.

​it will be to rank for page one of Google.

 If you can find keywords that fit with your products, and then incorporate them into your domain name, that is a powerful SEO combo punch.

​However, and I stress this, don't get so hung up trying to incorporate keywords into your domain name that you lose the effectiveness of your name.

You don't want “” to turn into something like “”

Don't laugh, I've seen it happen! The reason you don't want this to be your sole focus is simple. ​

You can rank your site by incorporating your longtail keywords into the site copy or blog.

 It will take time to get organic traffic, but it will take the same amount of time if you try stuffing keywords into your domain name.

For long term brand effectiveness, go the smart route.

If you can put one keyword in your domain name, great! If not, move on and don't sweat it.

No need to get caught up in the SEO weeds.

​Step 2 - Be Unique

​They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, yet this will get you nowhere with a domain name.

 If you choose a name that is close to a competitor you will actually send people to your competitor's website.

Oops, we don't want that! Make sure you are choosing something that is unique enough to make you stand out.

For those reasons, you will want to use different words than what your competitor is using, but words  that are still applicable to your business.

The best way to do this is to think about your brand and let it guide your decisions.

​Step 3 - Dot Com is Still the Bomb

​Sure, there are tons of catchy new extensions out there like .ninja, .marketing, .lawyer... the list goes on and on.

However, for the general population, and the average consumer you will be selling to, dot com tends to stick in their mind as the only best viable website option.

It's memorable because it has longevity.

Dot coms have been around since the inception of the net.

Therefore, always make your website a dot com if at all possible.

The next two contenders would be dot net and dot org if a dot come is not available.

I know the above might sound counter intuitive because there are so many new extensions available and most domain companies are really pushing them.

You have to come back down to earth, though, and think that there must be a reason they are pushing so hard for all of those new extensions. It's simple.

They want to make more money and in order to do so, they have to encourage people to buy these long extension names.

Think logically with me.

Which of these two names do you remember better? OR

​It's a no brainer once you see it in black and white.

The new extensions don't always work, so don't fall for it.

Do yourself a favor and set yourself up for success from the beginning by purchasing a dot com domain.

​Step 4 - Keep it short and sweet​

​If at all possible, keep your domain name succinct.

This will help you in a couple of ways.

 For starters, a site that is easy to remember is easy to find.

Short, sweet and simple equates to good traffic, and a returning customer/fan base time and time again.

Also, if you use a unique and simple domain, your search rankings are much more favorable in Google.

This is a huge benefit to you so I would suggest doing your homework and thinking long and hard before deciding on a final domain.

This could be the very thing that gets you ranked to page one of Google in six weeks or six months.

​Step 5 - Mind the Copyright Law!

​The easiest way to do this is to simply visit, or if you're in another country, do a name search first to make sure the domain is available.

Then, meet with your local attorney to make sure this name is not already copyrighted by someone else.

You can have a site up for three or four years only to have it threatened with legal action later if you choose a domain name that was previously copyrighted without your knowledge.

Do your due diligence.

You want your site to be around so you can sell your products and services for a long, long time!

The good news is most domain name companies will perform a name search for you to make sure your domain name is available.

If your domain company does not perform a name search, don't use them.

Find one that does. 

I have plenty of domain name companies listed for you to choose from.

You will find them in a bit. Just keep reading!

​Step 6 - No Symbols​

​By this I mean do not include things in your domain name like numbers, hyphens, symbols, or Roman numerals.

For starters, these will rank you poorly in Google, and secondly, they can be confused for other things.

For instance, Roman numerals can often times be confused with other alphabet letters, and therefore, are a poor choice for domain names.

​Step 7 - Branding is Key​

​Remember, your domain name should be an extension of your brand.

Therefore, if your brand is something like your name or a personality attribute, use that when choosing your domain Key.

It would be a shame to market something like “” when your business is actually called “Making Your First Million From Home”.

 You need find a way to incorporate your brand into the domain name and make a much bigger impact on your audience, and your business, in the long run.

Something like “” would be much much better.

Ultimately, if you follow the steps above, you will come up with a domain that is unique and brandable.

Just remember to keep that last point in mind!

Your domain name should really be an extension of your brand. 

It is the first thing that people are going to type into their computers when they are looking for you online. 

It cements the idea in their mind that you are a brand, rather than just a peddler of digital products.

It's amazing what this one subtle action can do, what it triggers in the brain, but is quite effective.

Therefore,if you need to go back and repeat the steps over and over again until you come up with a killer domain for your business...please do so!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

​Your domain name is important!

The power of this section is in the process rather than the end result.

 If you follow the steps you will definitely come up with a domain name. However, repeating them until you uncover a phenomenal one is where the real value lies.

To help, I have compiled a list of website name generators and checkers.

Some of these will spur your creativity, while others will check to see if the named is available.

These sites make coming up with an awesome website name too easy.

Here is a list of my favorites.

Use them to help you come up with a name that knocks it out of the park!

Bust a Name
Lean Domain
Name Boy
Host Gator
Blue Host
Name Cheap

Many of the sites listed above will help with prefix and suffix recommendations.

They will guide you down the road.

Once you have a great name, you can use one of the other domain name sites below for registration.

Many of these companies on the list also serve as hosting companies, in addition to being a domain seller. We will cover how to choose the best hosting company in the next section.

You can still use any of these mentioned above to find a name that is right for you, without signing up for hosting or using them to purchase the domain name.​​

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