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​Starting an online business is not a  joke.

I have launched more than a few websites over the years.

The first few were disasterous. I got better at it over time, but it took a lot  of work, tons of research, trial and error, and sheer perseverance.

I have learned a lot and can help you avoid some of the headaches I experienced.

That is the goal of this ​website.

 I want to show you that starting your own website for your business is not as hard as you think.

 In this Article you will learn these Important Arguments :

1) How to choose a Domain Name
2) How to chose a Web Host
3) ​The Best Platform to Build Your Website
4) ​The Importance of SEO

​A good domain name can make or break you.
To that end, we are going to focus this module on how to choose a domain name that gets you noticed and sends as much organic traffic to your site as possible.

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​How to Choose a Web Host

​Web hosting is important because it is essentially the support system of your entire site.

Think of your website as the face of your business.

Web hosting is the spine.

In order for the pretty face to function properly, the infrastructure must be sound.

To that end, hosting is important.  Before you choose a hosting provider, however, you need to understand the three basic types of web hosting so you can make an informed decision...

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​How to Choose a Webhost →

​The Best Platform to Build Your Website

​If you want to set up a website from the beginning, that will serve you well in the long run, you really need to go with WordPress.

 There are other options, but WordPress has become the internet standard for websites.

 There is a reason more than half of the websites on the internet utilize WordPress as their vehicle for content management and design. It has to do with usability.

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​Building your Website →

​The Importance of SEO

​Search Engine Optimization is one of the most misunderstood concepts on the internet.

It is simply a way of tweaking your site, using keywords that you choose, to make your site easier for Google and other search engines to find. That's it.

 It sounds fancy, but in reality it is not. SEO is just a way of using words to your advantage so your website gets noticed in search results.

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The Importance of SEO →

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